Giggle your way to bliss with this one! This class is a joyful journey, where we’ll engage in playful exercises and deep breaths – focusing on making you feel happier, lighter, and naturally relaxed.


Deemed by us as the only facial fitness boot camp you’ll need; here you’ll learn fun exercises and techniques to tone and rejuvenate your facial muscles. From funny faces to soothing massages – it’s a module that’ll leave you glowing from within.


A journey into a magical world where animals talk, imagination runs wild, and yoga poses become rhythmic – this class is like a yoga party for the little ones. Your kids will leave feeling stronger, flexible, confident, and super focused!


This class is designed to embrace, support, and nurture you and your growing bump. It is a delightful blend of gentle stretches, soothing breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques where you can bond with your baby, and find relief from any pregnancy discomforts.


Get ready to cleanse, twist, and wring out the stress toxins from your body and mind. This class follows a dynamic sequence of poses specifically designed to boost circulation, stimulate digestion, and rejuvenate your entire system.


Step into the realm of mindful movement and discover the perfect blend of effort and ease. In this class, you’ll move through a variety of poses, strengthening and stretching your body while focusing on your breath for a refreshingly holistic experience.


Embrace the art of sweet surrender as you sink into passive, long-held stretches that target your deep connective tissues. Somewhat like a cosy naptime for your soul, where you’ll find pure relaxation, flexibility, and a whole new level of calm.


Take your practice to new heights as you defy gravity and soar into a world of playful exploration. Suspend yourself in silk hammocks and let your body experience the freedom of flight. So go on, hang and invert your way to a stronger, more flexible body.


For an inner journey of flexibility and true release, this class is structured like a heavenly spa for your body – gently lengthening and releasing your muscles. Prepare to stretch away and find the perfect point of bodily elasticity for yourself.


Embrace the harmony of opposites as you explore the gentle and the powerful. Here, you’ll find balance in stillness and movement, strength and surrender. Like a cosmic shift between the yin and yang energies, it’ll make you feel centred, flexible, and very zen.