In 2008, Danielle became a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and moved to Cyprus to share her newfound wisdom. In 2011, she traveled to Dharamshala, India to study a further YTT. This experience introduced her to Sivananda Yoga. She is a also a certified sound healing teacher, having first learned this beautiful therapy in 2018 in Rishikesh, India. She later traveled to Nepal and took a further sound healing workshop. In 2016, she moved to Dubai as a Lead Instructor. She has over 750 hours of YTT certification and teaches retreats, workshops, teacher trainings and group classes, incorporating creative sequencing, peaceful music, sound healing and calming energy. Danielle uses yoga as a tool to help students work through injuries, imbalances, stress and anxiety, and as a means to bring about a sense of peace and wellness in their lifestyles.